Aftercare in April

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  • Core aeration of your lawn will help to give it a good start. Gypsum should be applied after core aeration. This will help loosen compacted soil, which is a serious problem for lawns in this area.
  • Cut your grass for the first time this year.
  • Apply Preen to all landscape beds (only if it was NOT already done in March). This will prevent weed and grass seed germination.
  • Apply Ferti-lome Over-the-Top Weed & Grass Killer to groundcover areas. This will eliminate unwanted weeds and grasses, and will not damage the groundcover.
  • Inspect flowering crabs for tent caterpillar webs and bag worms. If they are found, apply Sevin or Fertilome Bore Bagworm and Tent Caterpillar spray until they are gone.
  • Fertilize shrubs, evergreens, and trees with Miracle-Gro or Miracid. This should be done towards the end of the month.
Helpful Hints: Do you know which pest does the most damage to spruce trees and other conifers? The answer is Spider Mites! These pests appear as dark green or black specks, and are about the size of pepper grains. To check if your spruces are infected with spider mites, place a piece of white paper under the branches and tap. The spider mites will fall onto the paper, indicating an infestation.
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