Aftercare in June

Garden Center - Aftercare - Aftercare in June

  • Fertilize trees, shrubs, and evergreens with Miracid, Miracle-Gro, or Milorganite.
  • Apply Preen to all landscape beds, for the second time this season. This will prevent weed and grass seed germination.
  • Prune shrubs and evergreens to give them the size and shape you want.
  • Feed annuals, perennials, and vegetables with Miracle-Gro or Miracid.
  • Raise the height of your lawnmower blade to 3 inches.
  • Apply a preventative fungicide treatment to your lawn. We recommend either Fertilome F-Stop or Bayer Lawn Fungicide or Disease Buster. This application will last approximately 30 days. Liquid fungicide containing Daconil will also work. This should be done in 7-10 day intervals. Treating your lawn in the beginning of June with a fungicide will minimize damage from other fungus outbreaks, which will cause brown patch in hot, humid weather.
  • Check for signs of grub damage near the end of the month. Grub damage will be yellow or brown patches, and areas that lift and roll just like new sod does. An application of season-long grub control with Merit or 24-hr Grub Control with Dylox is recommended. These products must be watered in. This will prevent a grub problem in your lawn.
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Helpful Hints: If you start to notice mushrooms, don't panic. Mushrooms come from a prolonged period of wet weather. This only means there is decaying organic matter underground. Mushrooms will not cause damage to your lawn, and are easily removed. To remove them, use a lawn rake or your lawnmower. These particular mushrooms are not edible.
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