Aftercare in March

Garden Center - Aftercare - Aftercare in March

  • Apply Ferti-lome Scalecide Dormant & Foliar Oil to all flowering crabs, fruit trees, and evergreens. This will prevent damage from scale and mites. Outside temperatures should not be lower than 40 degrees when applying the dormant oil.
  • ALL winter debris should be removed from lawn and planting bed areas.
  • Apply Preen to all landscape beds. This will prevent weed and grass seed germination.
  • Examine ALL trees and shrubs early in the month, before leaves start to emerge. You need to look for any signs of damaged or diseased wood. Prune and remove any rubbing or crossing branches. Do not trim magnolias, forsythias or lilacs until after they have flowered in the spring.
  • Add bone meal or bulb booster to the soil. Do this when the foliage from spring bulbs starts to appear from the soil.
  • Slightly move any mulch away from perennials. This will allow the soil to dry and warm.
  • Cut ornamental grasses back about 3-4 inches above the ground. This will promote new growth.
Helpful Hints: Pruning your plants will keep them healthy and vigorous. Since many plants flower on new wood, pruning your plants will also improve flowering. Pruning also removes damaged and old dead wood, which in turn promotes new growth.

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