Sandra N. 10-05-2015
Fantastic selection of items for your backyard and front yard that you won't find anywhere else. It was worth the drive I purchased a fire put for my backyard and the guys installed without a problem. Excellent customer service, even during lunch hours they would be available to assist me with my purchase.

Risa J. 10-05-2015
Really a unique place to go to for all your backyard needs. I bought a few plants from here and the staff were really nice. They answered any questions I had and my purchase was relatively cheap. It was a long drive to get here but I like going to new places and this purchase made it worth it.

David C. 09-21-2015
Great been using there services for 10 years. No problems

Tom H. 08-18-2015
I bought tiles for my sidewalk in my front yard. They have a bunch of different styles for you to choose from and luckily, it was their Annual Sidewalk Sale so I got it at a cheaper price. Although A Touch Of GreenLandscaping stuff is more expensive then what you would see at Home Depot, their items are usually more rare and a great for your yard.

Emilia T. 08-14-2015
Great place to visit for speciality items for your backyard or frontyard. I went in when they had their 27th Annual Sidewalk Sale going on so the deals were too hard to just pass up. Great place, worth the drive.

Londyn F. 08-02-2015
Friendly staff, and a very nice place! Well worth the drive from Chicago. I wanted a Florida feel in my backyard so I bought a palm tree from ATOG. Jim was nice and told me how to care for the Palm tree to maximize its potential and for the price it was pretty cheap.

Preston J. 07-06-2015
I love this place! So much variety for my backyard. When i went to A Touch of Green to have them install a fire pit I was amazed with the staff. Friendly, patient, and knowledgable. The fire pit they installed in my backyard is now a wonderful part of my backyard and is being used frequently.These are the guys you go to for outdoor design.

Kimberly A. 05-20-2015
You'll find bulk pricing for pavers, mulch and stone not to mention everything you could ever want for your patio or deck.I love the customer service here. It is very nice here and they have a wide variety of flowers o display. The stones used for some of the designs is beautiful and this is my favorite place to go to for landscaping work.

Peter M. 05-16-2015
Excellent of plants and tree. When you visit this place make sure you take the whole tour around this company, you won't regret! Fantastic!. You might find things that will surprise you ( in a good way) A Touch of Greens prices are high but the service/products receive warrant the price. A Touch Of Green Landscaping is the Apple for landscaping. High price High Quality. There are plenty of workers around to help you with any questions or concerns you may have.
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