Aftercare in November

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  • Cut your grass for the last time this year. Lower the height of your mower blade to 2 1/2 inches.
  • Remove the balance of leaves and debris away from roses. Cut the roses back to a height of 10 inches. Mulch around the base, before cold weather sets in. Cut back hostas and daylilies to 2 inches.
  • You can mulch perennial beds. This prevents damage from frost heaving.
  • You can apply animal repellant to plants to minimize damage from rodents, rabbits, and other critters.
  • You can protect broadleaf evergreens with Wilt-Pruf. This reduces damage to plants from drying winds and harsh winter temperatures.
  • Winterize your lawn mower, and have the blades sharpened so they are ready for spring.
Helpful Hints: If you grow perennials or mini roses in planters during the summer, you can overwinter them by following these few simple steps:
  1. Sink the pots into the ground. This will provide insulation for the roots.
  2. Fill in and cover any spaces with mulch so water will not accumulate, freeze, or form frozen rings around the plant.
  3. In the spring, after the danger of freezing is over, lift the pots out of the ground and set them back in their summer spots.
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