Aftercare in October

Garden Center - Aftercare - Aftercare in October

  • Remove annuals and vegetables from planting beds and cultivate beds. Note: This should be done after a hard frost.
  • Remove leaves and debris from planting beds and lawns. This will reduce the risk of overwintering, insects, and diseases. To control fungus growth, you can drench the soil with a fungicide.
  • Winterize your lawn toward the end of the month with Fertilome Winterizer and water thoroughly.
  • Plant your bulbs for spring now. Bulbs should be planted when the soil temperature cools below 60 degrees. Add peat moss and/or potting soil to planting beds. This will help provide drainage for bulbs. You should treat your bulbs with bulb dust to prevent fungus growth. Bone meal or bulb food used at the time of planting is recommended. This will promote good root development.
Helpful Hints: The key to good bulb planting areas is proper drainage. You must be sure your bulb bed does not sit in water, or your bulbs will rot before they sprout. You can plant your bulbs in your annual flowerbeds. In the spring when they are done blooming, cut them back and plant your annuals.
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