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  • Treat your lawn with season-long grub control Merit or 24-hr Grub Control with Dylox insecticide. These products must be watered in. This treatment will help prevent damage from grubs, sod worms, and chinch bugs. The treatment can be applied now and throughout late summer, up until Halloween. This will control grubs and insects in their early stages. You should check for the following symptoms: yellowing patches, large amounts of bird activity on your lawn, tunnels from moles or ground squirrels, and spots in the lawn that can easily be lifted just like new sod.
  • Continue to spot treat your lawn with Ferti-lome Weed-Out. This will help control dandelions and other broadleaf weeds, keeping your lawn beautiful.
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Helpful Hints: During the hot summer months, leaf scorch is a common problem. Leaf scorch is caused by excessive evaporation from leaves. In hot weather, water in leaves evaporates more rapidly. If the roots cannot absorb and provide water fast enough to replenish the loss, the leaves turn brown and wither. To avoid this problem, deep water your trees during hot weather periods. A sure sign your trees are thirsty is the premature browning of leaves.
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