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New Landscape Installation Immediate Care Guidelines:
New Plants:
  • Water new material daily, first 7-10 days
  • Water every other day, the next 10 days
  • Water as needed in the third week. Check soil moisture content before watering. Excessive watering may lead to root rot. Test the soil moisture by checking with your fingers 2-3" deep around the base of the plantings. Allow the soil to dry in between watering events.
  • Hand watering recommended at the base of the plant near the roots for approx. 60 seconds for trees, 30 seconds for shrubs and grasses, and 15 seconds for perennials.
  • It is recommended that sprinklers (if you have them) be operated in the evening for watering your plant material. Daylight operation may lead to leaf scorch in summer.
  • Water frequently during drought periods, when the temperatures are high, and on windy days.
New Sod:
  • Requires approximately a 1" of water daily for the first ten days while keeping sod damp during this time.
  • Be careful to avoid stepping on new sod when wet in order to keep the grade smooth and avoid creating divots.
  • During the second week watering is required every other day with approximately 1" of water each time.
  • After two weeks, water as needed while mowing weekly to promote rapid root growth.
New Seed:
  • Keep soil moist, approximately 3" deep for the duration of one month.
  • Utilize a fine mist spray to avoid soil erosion.
New Annuals Installation Immediate Care Guidelines:
  • Water every other day unless the plants begin to droop in which case they may require more watering, daily.
  • Water in the evening or at night to avoid leaf scorch.
  • Must establish a schedule in order to allow plants to establish themselves which may take 3-4 weeks time.
  • Fertilizing is recommended one a month to encourage new growth and flowers.
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