Aftercare in July

Garden Center - Aftercare - Aftercare in July

  • Fertilize your lawn for the third time this year.
  • Fertilize shrubs, but at half (50%) of the normal application. Trees do not need to be fertilized - just watered thoroughly.
  • Fertilize annuals and vegetables with Miracle-Gro or Milorganite.
  • Provide supplemental watering to your lawn and landscape planting as needed. It is better to water established plants thoroughly. Once a week is better than "sprinkling" every day. Remember, normal watering is 1 inch of water to your plants and lawn per week, either by rainfall or manual watering.
Helpful Hints: Leaving your grass clippings on your lawn will not contribute to thatch build-up. Grass clippings are 90% water, and will dry up to almost nothing. They will not pile up or tangle with thatch. About 1/3 of your lawn's nitrogen requirements can be supplied from decomposing grass clippings. You will start to have problems when the grass has grown too long, or if you mow the grass while it is still wet. Long, wet grass clippings WILL form clumps that will build up and tangle with thatch. This will also shade the areas below, causing your lawn to be thin.
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